Pony Club


LDL Pony Club Is Located At The Privately-Owned HillTop Livery Stables, on Barnet Lane N20. It Runs On Sundays from 1pm to 2.30pm and on Thursdays during Summer Camp.


Training is provided by Mandi Pritchard the livery owner, a champion dressage rider and dedicated wildlife conservationist. Mandi rescues deer, foxes, ponies, and any other animals in need at her reserve. With vet fees for incoming and sometimes badly hurt creatures so high, the LDL Pony Club are delighted to support her in this way and she is delighted to impart her Natural World wisdom and knowledge.


Teens who ride are able to volunteer to lead rein and muck out, in exchange for free rides on our beloved Forest Pony, Butterscotch –  mascot pony stabled at HillTop Livery, and of whom we are all very proud of! Butterscotch Can Make Special Appearances At Birthday Celebrations Too. Please Enquire With Mandi.


Dancers attending LDL Pony Club are advised to take a healthy lunch and sugar-free snacks with them, (no nuts please!) and we will ensure a scenic spot for a picnic meal!


The Sunday LDL Pony Club has its own uniform and caters for up to 12 children at each session in vertical age groupings.
Riders will need sturdy boots or shoes with a small square heel.


If your child has an allergy that might impact this interaction please be sure to let us know so we can work around and support this.

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