LoveDanceLive has taken the decision to operate full security checks at the events for the safety and security of those attending. Please read the following information carefully so that you are aware of how this will impact your visit.

Searches will be in place at all entrances. Your belongings and your person may be searched. This will increase the time it takes to enter the grounds. In order to minimise the disruption there will be a pre-search operation in place. This will open at 9am with the aim of pre-searching as many attendees as possible prior to the arena opening at 10am. Anyone who has been through the search will then be able to proceed to the arena as soon as it opens.

Please only bring items that are essential to your day. The less that you bring, the quicker it will be for you to reach the arena. There will be a lane available for people who are not carrying bags or other bulky items. If this applies to you, please look out for this lane so that you are not held up behind those being searched.

Please follow any instructions given to you by the stewards. If you see anything you feel is suspicious or any persons acting suspiciously, please report this to the nearest LoveDanceLive grounds or event security staff member as soon as possible. Please also make sure you do not leave any belongings unattended at any time. Please note that food and drink will be available to purchase inside the arena. Please do not bring large knives (such as bread knives or large kitchen knives) into the events with you as these may be taken off you. Please note that any confiscated items will not be returned.

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