Aethic was the first skincare company to take the damage done to coral and marine life by sunscreens seriously. It started the development of a sunscreen to address the issue in 2011 and after skin testing and marine compatibility testing, conducted by some of the world’s leading marine scientists, launched Aethic Sôvée in Selfridges in 2013. We are proud to be represented in many of the world’s top boutiques and department stores.

Aethic Sôvée is the world’s only 100% scientifically proven and patented reef-safe sunscreen.

Coral covers only 0.1% of the ocean floor yet sustains 25% of marine life. Think coral is only in the tropics? Think again, Atlantic coral, even in the North Sea, grows below 80 metres and is now being credited with spawning larvae that may be helping other parts of the world.

Aethic is proud to be sponsoring the UK’s only socially and environmentally conscious, Summer Dance Convention Picnic, LoveDanceLive. Aethic adores the Outdoors. Aethic adores Dance. 

Protect your skin. Protect the ocean. Protect our Environment.
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